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Direct Mail Services For Lancaster, York, & Harrisburg

Direct Mail | Lancaster, York & Harrisburg

PAP Technologies provides the direct mail services in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg that enable you to pinpoint your customers, their buying habits and preferences - even their income levels, occupations and lifestyles.

That means you can personalize your company's mailings to an unprecedented degree, and enhance your firm's advertising and marketing efforts through the power of intelligently targeted direct mail.

When applied to direct mail, accurate demographic information becomes a powerful tool that can be used to reach and attract your best customers…and to keep them coming back for more.

More valuable information exists concerning your market and your customers than ever before.  And with today's technologies, it's information that can be easily accessed and utilized on a customized, one-to-one basis to help build your sales, your market share and your business, through our targeted direct mail in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg.

We provide:

  • Laser-printed letters, reports, spreadsheets, personalized materials
  • Data entry
  • Data Management
  • Folding, inserting, sealing, sorting and mailing
  • Inkjet printing
  • ZIP+4 and bar code applications that save postage costs
  • Bar coding of information
  • Postal compliance and rate optimization
  • National Change of Address
  • Advanced scanning capabilities
  • E-Mail services

The challenge lies in managing that information and running programs efficiently, effectively and profitably to create a successful direct mail program for Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg, and the surrounding areas as well.

That's where PAP Technologies, Inc. comes in.

Direct Mail Services